Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nicole Richie And Harlow Posed For Harper Bazaar

, who is the Hollywood’s former wild child, has shown that she experienced domestic bliss with her daughter Harlow.

The “Simple Life” star has posed for Harper’s Bazaar magazine on rear deck of her house in Glendale, Los Angeles suburb.
and Joel Madden hung the netting when Nicole was nine months pregnant, to foil the helicopters constantly flying overhead.
She admiringly asked, “Didn’t [Penn] write in rocks, like, ‘F**k you’ or something?” She also showcased her handiwork, which, as new daughter Harlow turns two months old, is only now being taken down.

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Cheryl Cole rubbishes weight worries and tucks into crisps

Finally. proves Girls are Aloud to eat - by tucking into a big bag of Doritos all on her own.
The stunning 24-year-old Geordie’s weight plummeted after her recent marriage crisis with hubby C-Ashley.

We hope this is a sign that she is taking notice of calls for her to put on weight and regain her sexy curves.

Bandmate Kimberley Walsh (below) should go on the crisp diet, too - to gain weight, nacho-rely!

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Having failed to bother the charts, mainstream television or even late night adverts for ’sexy text chat’ Chanelle has decided to follow her idol Posh Spice and move to America.

In a sudden flash of self awareness (probably just after she’d been dry humped by a hand puppet for that new show) she realised that with the new Big Brother series about to start there will be a whole new line of desperate wannabees to replace her.

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Piper ‘jumped’ at Doctor return

Piper bowed out of the popular BBC One show in 2006, after playing the Time Lord’s assistant for two full series.

She will be seen in the 21 June episode of the current series - her first full appearance since the Doctor left her in a parallel world.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for anything,” the 25-year-old told Doctor Who Magazine.

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Pete Doherty buys a Kate Moss painting, pays a visit to Amy Winehouse

.Which is all in the course of a normal night out for Pete Doherty, of course.

Here was Pete arriving at ’s pad last night - or rather, in the early hours of this morning - after he’d splashed out £5,000 to buy a portrait of his former girlfriend, , says Metro.

“The drug-frazzled singer also splashed out on a painting of wayward chum, and another of himself together with former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney.” Well, nice to know he stopped off at the artist muse’s residence later, eh?

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Jade Goody to Replace Carol Vorderman on Countdown

MANCHESTER - England - the brainy assistant on the long standing daytime TV program, Countdown, will be replaced by Big Brother contestant Jade Goody.

Brain box, hot totty scorcher and daytime TV debt seller, is being replaced in the cult TV show ‘Countdown’ by Jade Goody.

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Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore Wore the Same Do to the CFDAs

The hairstyles from last night’s CFDA awards looked prim and proper overall. and Mandy Moore rocked very similar manes, though, from the top pouf to the wispy side strands. [BellaSugar]

• The Shave New York shaving salon opened this past weekend on Elizabeth Street, offering shaves, haircuts, trims, and an assortment of hair accessories. So go, men, and tame that burgeoning hairy beast inside you. [Racked]

• Testers say the Tangle Teezer hairbrush can comb through even the messiest, knottiest, most unkempt hair. It’s such a blinding shade of pink it might just be the girliest hairbrush ever.

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